Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions Expained

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation takes approximately one - one and a quarter hours. It is an opportunity to meet me and to talk about your problem and what you want from therapy. I will take some personal administration details, such as address, contact details etc, and I will need to take details of your general health and any related family issues. Once I have these details I can then explain, how the subconscious part of the brain is influencing/affecting the presenting problem and how Clinical Hypnotherapy can help your specific problem.  At this stage I will provide an assessment how many sessions may be required and what improvement to expect. If the problem is complex then progress will be jointly reviewed at pre-agreed stages of the treatment.

You will be offered a CD at this session or alternatively a download of the CD can be sent to you. In addition you will be provided with Terms and Conditions of treatment, which forms the basis of our therapeutic alliance such as what you can expect from me as your therapist, contact details for changes of appointments and for between sessions, cost of treatment for the problem, supervision details, governing body details.

There is no hypotherapy treatment given during this initial consultation.

Therapy Sessions

Subsequent therapy sessions take approximately 50 minutes to one hour. Dependent on the presenting problem you may be asked to complete scientifically developed rating scales, which take the form of a list of questions and a choice of boxes to tick.  These scales are developed to  monitor your progress through the therapeutic process. Approximately the first 20 minutes of the therapy session will be setting the goals through Solution Focused work and the remaining part of the session will be hypnosis. Enough time will be allowed at the end of the session for questions and a review of any tasks/practise to be undertaken between sessions.

Weight Management

These sessions involve all the elements of the Initial Consultation and the Subsequent Sessions, and include the added benefits of Nutritional Therapy. The completion of a food diary on a regular basis will focus on the nutritional values of food and the relationship between healthy eating and exercise.