What is Supervision?

Simply put, supervision is a forum whereby supervisees can review and reflect on their work in order to do it better. It is a structured support system providing an opportunity for feedback, appraisal and growth in a safe and confidential environment. 

Why is Supervision important in practice?

The role of the supervisor is to support and enable supervisees to learn from their work in order that they give better quality service to their clients. It can sometimes be difficult to be objective about your own practice and the opportunity to discuss individual clients or perhaps moral, ethical or legal implications with a suitable person is invaluable.

Solution Focused Supervision

Solution focused supervision places the focus on the supervisee using collaborative goal-setting for each session, looking at the strengths, resources and good qualities of the supervisee and amplifying these strengths. The purpose of the solution-focused supervisor is not to convert the supervisee to working in a solution focused way, but instead to maximise their own strengths and that of their own working model.

Professional Organisations

The majority of professional organisations mandate some element of supervision and many now require evidence of supervision in order to upgrade and/or renew membership.

Supervision models offered

Group Supervision is offered at Axbridge Studios, in Axbridge Somerset. 1:1 sessions, telephone/SKYPE sessions are also offered. Please contact me for further details.